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Abbey, Almond Washington (i462), b.1814-d.1827
Abbey, Anson Mason (i460), b.1808-
Abbey, Emaline (i463), b.1816-
Abbey, Hiram (i457), b.1804-
Abbey, Marinda (i464), b.1819-
Abbey, Obediah, Jr. (marriage to Polly Ramsdale) (i456), d.1826
Abbey, Philander (i461), b.1810-
Abbey, Rubina (i458), b.1805-
Abbey, Sophrona (i459), b.1806-


Abigail (marriage to Stephen B. Ramsdell) (i730), b.1813-
Ada J. (marriage to Daniel R. White) (i884), b.1854-d.1884


Albeson, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Ramsdell) (i14), b.1682-d.1773


Alden, Almeda (marriage to Zophar Deane Ramsdell) (i824)
Alden, Mary A. (marriage to Augustus Ramsdell) (i820), d.1891


Allen, Betsey (marriage to Noah Ramsdell Jr.) (i1522)
Allen, Edward C. (marriage to Nellie Abigail Ramsdell) (i1085)
Allen, Edward R. (i1086), b.1903-
Allen, Eunice (marriage to James Ramsdell) (i141), b.1758-
Allen, Mary (marriage to Matthew Ramsdell) (i140), b.1756-


Alley, Lucy E. (i1160), b.1836-
Alley, Warren A. (marriage to Caroline K. Josselyn) (i470), b.1809-d.1876


Andrews, Ethel (i947), b.1912-
Andrews, George P. (marriage to Laura Ramsdell) (i946)
Andrews, June (i948), b.1915-
Andrews, Virginia (i949)


Askins, Ron Keith (marriage to LaDonna Ann Ramsdell) (i1558)
Askins, Zachary Tyler (i1559), b.1997-


Austin, Lula C. (Leighton) (marriage to John Plummer Wass) (i865), b.1866-d.1957


Avis, Jannie (marriage to William C. Ramsdell) (i1367)


Bailey, Benjamin (marriage to Rachel Dwelley) (i402)
Bailey, Betsey (marriage to Joshua Dwelley) (i414), d.1825
Bailey, Keziah (marriage to Joshua Dwelley) (i416), d.1890
Bailey, Sarah J. (marriage to Lemuel Dwelley) (i407), d.1893


Baldwin, Susannah Sissily (marriage to David Cudworth) (i1258), d.1845


Barker, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Ramsdell) (i69), b.1742-d.1786


Barlow, Daniel (marriage to Betsey Estes) (i1572)
Barlow, Samuel (marriage to Saba D. Estes) (i1571), b.1807-


Barnes, Abigail (i451), b.1777-
Barnes, Benjamin (i453), b.1774-
Barnes, Benjamin (marriage to Lusanna Ramsdell) (i177), b.1746-
Barnes, Edmond (i452), b.1788-
Barnes, Mary (i454), b.1784-
Barnes, Tracey (i455), b.1779-


Barney, Robert (marriage to Chloe Ramsdell) (i919)


Barstow, Daniel (i1573)
Barstow, Daniel (marriage to Ruth Estes) (i481)


Basher, Gene Harold (i1385), b.1934-
Basher, James (marriage to Jane Ramsdell) (i1384)
Basher, Joseph E. (i1386), b.1936-
Basher, Susan Lee (i1387), b.1938-


Bates, Robert (marriage to Emily Edna Estes) (i1613)


Beal, Mary (marriage to Alverson Ramsdell) (i671), b.1773-


Beals, Nancy (marriage to Lazarus Ramsdell) (i659)


Bean, Emma (marriage to Bartlett Ramsdell) (i505), b.1773-d.1814


Beasom, Abbie Estelle (i1091), b.1865-
Beasom, George (marriage to Abbie Jane Ramsdell) (i994)
Beasom, Mary (i1089), b.1860-
Beasom, Milton (marriage to Rachel Ramsdell) (i1006), d.1923


Beckwith, Edward Waldo (marriage to Bethiah Ramsdell) (i690)


Berry, John (marriage to Sarah Ramsdell) (i826)
Berry, Langford (marriage to Margaret Ramsdell) (i990)
Berry, Levi (marriage to Lusannah Bryant) (i1345)


Bishop, Dorothy (marriage to Samuel Ramsdell) (i758), b.1716-d.1801
Bishop, Lusanna (marriage to Benjamin Ramsdell) (i100), b.1721-


Black, Rose (marriage to Elmer Ramsdell) (i1473)
Black, Shirley A. (marriage to Ronald A. Blanken) (i1436), b.1944-


Blanken, Dennis B. (i1437), b.1947-
Blanken, Elmer J. (marriage to Virginia T. Goodlander) (i1434)
Blanken, Ronald A. (i1435), b.1944-


Borden, (marriage to Mercy Estes) (i484)


Bortle, Spencer (marriage to Lucy Antoinette Lapham) (i974), d.1907


Bourne, Charles (marriage to Deborah Barker Josselyn) (i1705), b.1808-


Bousley, Fred (marriage to Helen Maria Estes) (i1600)


Bowker, Lydia (marriage to Gersham Ramsdell) (i787)
Bowker, Martha (marriage to Samuel Ramsdell) (i28), b.1684-d.1750
Bowker, Mary (marriage to Joseph Ramsdell) (i30), b.1693-d.1770


Bray, Palmer H. (marriage to Rebecca Hall Ramsdell) (i262), b.1832-d.1867
Bray, Willard (marriage to Maria Ramsdell) (i729)


Bremhall, Mary (marriage to Seth Cox Jr.) (i1698)


Briggs, Deborah (marriage to David Ramsdell) (i1159)
Briggs, Joseph (marriage to Mary T. Dwelley) (i389)
Briggs, Lucy (marriage to Samuel Bryant) (i1343)
Briggs, Luther (marriage to Lydia Bryant) (i1341)


Brooks, Ara (marriage to Almira J. Dwelley) (i425)
Brooks, Peter (marriage to Betsey Bryant) (i1335)


Brown, Berdie (marriage to Edward R. Allen) (i1087)
Brown, Julia (marriage to Hosea J. Stockbridge) (i406)


Bryant, Abigail (i1346), b.1788-
Bryant, Betsey (i1332), b.1769-
Bryant, Christopher (i1336), b.1774-
Bryant, Elizabeth (i1298), b.1766-d.1843
Bryant, Joanna (i1348), b.1791-d.1874
Bryant, Lusannah (i1344), b.1785-d.1854
Bryant, Lydia (i1340), b.1778-
Bryant, Lydia Ann (marriage to Daniel Cummings) (i1319)
Bryant, Martha (i1349), b.1794-
Bryant, Orin Campbell (marriage to Alice Bailey Ramsdell) (i832)
Bryant, Samuel (i1342), b.1790-
Bryant, Solomon (i1338), b.1776-
Bryant, Solomon (marriage to Elizabeth Curtis) (i1295)


Buck, Elizabeth (marriage to Daniel Ramsdell) (i138), b.1754-
Buck, John (marriage to Hannah Cummings) (i1323)
Buck, Stephen (marriage to Ruth Cummings) (i1331)


Buysse, Irene (marriage to Louis Goldsborough Caldwell) (i1142)


Byrne, Benjamin Mosher (marriage to Lydia Florine Cook) (i1115)
Byrne, Gilbert R. (i1146), b.1896-


Caffrey, Eliza M. (marriage to John Cobb Ramsdell) (i691)


Cairns, Florence (marriage to Nathan Roy Cook) (i1105)


Caldwell, Edward Cook (i1145), b.1900-
Caldwell, John D. (marriage to Susan M. Cook) (i1113), d.1933
Caldwell, Lorilla Jane (marriage to Thomas Manley Ramsdell Rev.) (i1635), b.1829-d.1894
Caldwell, Louis Goldsborough (i1141), b.1891-
Caldwell, Margaret (i1143), b.1894-


Calkins, Lois (marriage to Louis Stephen Ramsdell) (i1130)


Campbell, Vivian Irene (marriage to Gilbert R. Byrne) (i1147), b.1902-


Canniff, Enos (marriage to Lucy B. Estes) (i1618)


Cantlin, Jessie May (marriage to Amasa E. Fitts) (i1236)


Capps, Alison (i1685), b.1969-
Capps, Gerald (marriage to Sandra Valerie Ramsdell) (i1684)
Capps, Tayna (i1686), b.1972-


Carr, Cyrus Edward (marriage to Margaret Cynthia Ramsdell) (i1641)


Carver, Susanna C. (marriage to Voranus W. Ramsdell) (i358), b.1846-d.1900


Caswell, Hannah (marriage to Daniel Ramsdell) (i7), b.1661-d.1722


Chamberlain, Rebecca (marriage to Nehemiah Ramsdell) (i66), b.1736-d.1818


Chandler, Evelyn Mary (marriage to William W. Ramsdell) (i353), b.1860-d.1903


Charlotte (marriage to Homer Atkinson Ramsdell Dr.) (i1137)


Church, Effie Sylvester (i1586), b.1876-
Church, Eugene Irving (i1585), b.1868-
Church, Everett Barstow (i1584), b.1866-
Church, Mary (marriage to Roland Josselyn) (i448)
Church, Robert (marriage to Saba D. Estes) (i1583), b.1842-


Clara (marriage to Joshua Ramsdell) (i1363), d.1844


Clark, Hazel (marriage to Ralph G. Ramsdell) (i1382), b.1895-


Clement, Blanche Marie (marriage to John S. Ramsdell) (i956)


Cleveland, Peter (marriage to Joanna Ramsdell) (i593)


Cobb, Eunice (marriage to John Ramsdell) (i131), b.1738-


Coffin, Frances M. (marriage to Warren M. White) (i889), b.1868-d.1957
Coffin, Jennifer M. (marriage to Winslow J. Ramsdell) (i340), b.1872-
Coffin, Samuel Moody (marriage to Sylvia Louise White) (i886)
Coffin, Ulysses Grant (marriage to Katie B. Ramsdell) (i312), b.1867-
Coffin, Ulysses Grant (marriage to Katie B. Ramsdell) (i312), b.1867-


Colburn, Daniel R. (i1395), b.1954-
Colburn, Eugene (marriage to Betty June Ramsdell) (i1393), b.1922-
Colburn, Jane Lynn (i1396), b.1957-
Colburn, Willia E. (i1394), b.1950-


Cole, Amos (marriage to Hannah Ramsdell) (i979)
Cole, Benjamin L. (marriage to Rebecca Hall Ramsdell) (i211), b.1816-d.1885
Cole, Charles (marriage to Almire White Ramsdell) (i315), b.1849-
Cole, Laura A. (marriage to Walter Dyer Ramsdell) (i320), b.1871-d.1935
Cole, Mary Eliza (marriage to Robert D. Ramsdell) (i331), b.1844-


Collins, George L. (marriage to Laura Ramsdell) (i282), b.1841-d.1880


Comfort, Lynn (i1100), d.1926
Comfort, Verne (i1101), b.1868-d.1938
Comfort, Wolston (marriage to Martha Ramsdell) (i1008)


Conger, Lucy Dudley (marriage to Ira Ramsdell) (i1007), d.1940


Cook, Charles Edward (i1103), b.1870-d.1928
Cook, Gornas (i1110), b.1944-
Cook, James (i1109), b.1943-
Cook, James (marriage to Sarah Mead Ramsdell) (i1009), b.1848-d.1909
Cook, James Cairns, Dr. (i1106), b.1918-
Cook, John (i1111), b.1945-
Cook, Leonard (marriage to Harriet Ramsdell) (i706)
Cook, Lydia Florine (i1114), b.1873-d.1946
Cook, Martha May (i1118), b.1876-d.1928
Cook, Nathan Roy (i1104), b.1883-
Cook, Susan (i1108), b.1942-
Cook, Susan M. (i1112), b.1868-


Cotton, Roxana McDonald (marriage to Seth Norton Ramsdell) (i248), b.1805-d.1890


Cousins, George B. (marriage to Faustina M. Ramsdell) (i344), b.1869-


Cox, Elizabeth Josselyn (i1697), b.1774-
Cox, Enos (i1696), b.1771-
Cox, Isaac (i899), b.1740-
Cox, Lydia (i896), b.1734-
Cox, Mary (i892), b.1726-
Cox, Nancy (marriage to Levi Ramsdell) (i1483)
Cox, Rachel (i894), b.1730-
Cox, Ruth (i895), b.1732-
Cox, Sarah (i893), b.1728-
Cox, Seth (i898), b.1738-d.1806
Cox, Seth, Jr. (i1694), b.1766-
Cox, William (i897), b.1736-d.1817
Cox, William (marriage to Mary Ramsdell) (i128), b.1700-


Coy, Hannah (marriage to Stephen Ramsdell) (i1020)


Coyne, Donni Ruby (marriage to Delmar Andrew Ramsdell) (i1688)


Crane, Hannah (marriage to Gideon Hovey) (i1183), d.1785
Crane, Polly (marriage to Gideon Hovey) (i1184)


Crary, Cynthia (marriage to Thomas Ramsdell) (i925), b.1803-d.1835


Crooker, Daniel (marriage to Mary Ramsdell) (i926)


Cudworth, Abigail (i1256), b.1785-d.1846
Cudworth, Charles (marriage to Content Ramsdell) (i1173), b.1737-
Cudworth, Charles, Jr. (marriage to Lydia Hovey) (i1179), b.1765-d.1851
Cudworth, David (i1257), b.1787-d.1840
Cudworth, Polly (marriage to David Ramsdell) (i1251), b.1767-d.1843
Cudworth, Prudence (marriage to David Ramsdell) (i1178), b.1764-d.1802
Cudworth, Samuel (marriage to Mary (Molly) Hovey) (i1252), b.1770-d.1840
Cudworth, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Ramsdell) (i1253), b.1772-


Cummings, Abigail F. (i1316), b.1796-
Cummings, Chloe (i1304), b.1784-d.1840
Cummings, Daniel (i1318), b.1798-d.1869
Cummings, Elizabeth (i1302), b.1781-d.1850
Cummings, George Williams (i1310), b.1788-d.1870
Cummings, Hannah (i1322), b.1802-d.1880
Cummings, Hannah (marriage to Gideon Ramsdell) (i712)
Cummings, Isaac (i1306), b.1786-d.1862
Cummings, Isaac (marriage to Elizabeth Bryant) (i1299)
Cummings, Joseph (i1328), b.1808-
Cummings, Lois M. (i1326), b.1806-
Cummings, Lydia (i1320), b.1799-
Cummings, Mary W. (i1314), b.1791-d.1881
Cummings, Moses (i1312), b.1791-d.1837
Cummings, Ruth (i1330), b.1810-
Cummings, Solomon (i1324), b.1804-d.1826


Cunningham, Affa G. (i1632), b.1874-
Cunningham, Allen B. (i1626), b.1854-
Cunningham, Clara M. (i1628), b.1858-d.1860
Cunningham, Cyrenus (marriage to Elizabeth T. Estes) (i1623)
Cunningham, Edward E. (i1630), b.1861-d.1885
Cunningham, Elta M. (i1631), b.1870-
Cunningham, Eva C. (i1627), b.1856-
Cunningham, Fred S. (i1629), b.1860-
Cunningham, George R. (i1633), b.1876-
Cunningham, Parmenus (marriage to Francena A. Estes) (i1625)


Curtis, Ebenezer (marriage to Elizabeth Ramsdell) (i82), b.1694-d.1753
Curtis, Elizabeth (i1294), b.1750-
Curtis, Saba (marriage to Richard Estes) (i485), d.1831
Curtis, Voranus Coffin (marriage to Marcella Ramsdell) (i313), b.1863-
Curtis, Voranus Coffin (marriage to Marcella Ramsdell) (i313), b.1863-
Curtis, William (i1351), b.1751-d.1793


Cushing, Jane (marriage to Lemuel Dwelley) (i379), b.1772-d.1816


Dall, Benjamin Linton (marriage to Margaret Caldwell) (i1144)


Davis, Ethel M. (marriage to Holmes Wass Ramsdell) (i345)
Davis, Stella L. (marriage to Florus Ramsdell) (i702), b.1854-


Daws, Mary (marriage to Joseph Ramsdell) (i84), b.1719-d.1766

De Vore

De Vore, Ena (marriage to Harvest Ramsdell) (i633), b.1887-


Deane, Anna (marriage to William Ramsdell) (i793)


Delano, Franklin (i1093), b.1890-
Delano, Mercy (marriage to Joseph Ramsdell) (i37), b.1714-d.1800
Delano, Milton (i1094), b.1888-
Delano, Sarah (marriage to Gersham Ramsdell) (i785), b.1762-d.1792
Delano, Willie Winfrey (marriage to Abbie Estelle Beasom) (i1092)


Demming, (marriage to Louise Turner) (i1041)


Derby, Maria E. (marriage to Alanson Ramsdell) (i692), b.1819-


Dewey, Eliza C. (marriage to Benjamin Randall Ramsdell) (i847), b.1840-d.1922
Dewey, Hannah B. (marriage to Benjamin Randall Ramsdell) (i845), b.1844-d.1868


Diana (marriage to Isaac Ramsdell) (i1505)


Dickson, Lillian Maude (marriage to Gilbert Holmes Wass) (i866), b.1869-d.1938


Dillingham, Mary (marriage to Daniel Ramsdell) (i130), b.1723-


Dillman, Xavier (marriage to Katherine Mamie Ramsdell) (i1678), d.1966


Dixon, Cyrus (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Ramsdell) (i1637), b.1850-d.1917


Dole, Vesta (marriage to John Calvin Fitts) (i1242)


Donnily, Ethel (marriage to Thomas Manley Ramsdell) (i1680), d.1980


Doore, Mr. (marriage to Ann Ramsdell) (i743)


Dorman, Ephraim Perkins (marriage to Frances M. Ramsdell) (i217), b.1819-d.1904


Draper, Hannah (marriage to Rufus Ramsdell) (i814)


Dunbar, Amy (marriage to Levi Ramsdell) (i1478)


Dwelley, Almira (i399), b.1806-d.1807
Dwelley, Almira J. (i424), b.1840-
Dwelley, Avis (i372), b.1770-d.1786
Dwelley, Betsey B. (i419), b.1829-
Dwelley, Charles H. (i413), b.1842-
Dwelley, Deborah (i368), b.1762-
Dwelley, Deborah (i400), b.1808-
Dwelley, Edwin B. (i410), b.1831-
Dwelley, George B. (i422), b.1840-d.1841
Dwelley, George R. (i385), b.1807-d.1827
Dwelley, George R. (i409), b.1829-
Dwelley, Jane R. (i384), b.1804-
Dwelley, Jedediah (i371), b.1768-d.1786
Dwelley, Jedediah (i386), b.1815-d.1834
Dwelley, Jedediah (i411), b.1834-
Dwelley, John (i398), b.1802-
Dwelley, Joseph (i373), b.1772-
Dwelley, Joseph (i401), b.1813-
Dwelley, Joseph T. (i387), b.1819-d.1836
Dwelley, Joshua (i370), b.1766-d.1847
Dwelley, Joshua (i396), b.1798-d.1842
Dwelley, Joshua (i417), d.1825
Dwelley, Joshua (i418), b.1828-
Dwelley, Joshua (marriage to Avis Ramsdell) (i68), b.1735-d.1787
Dwelley, Laurentia C. (i420), b.1832-
Dwelley, Lemuel (i369), b.1764-d.1846
Dwelley, Lemuel (i383), b.1798-
Dwelley, Lucy (i374), b.1775-
Dwelley, Mary T. (i388), b.1821-
Dwelley, Melzar (i421), b.1835-
Dwelley, Priscilla (i375), b.1780-
Dwelley, Rachel (i397), b.1800-
Dwelley, Sarah B. (i412), b.1836-


Eager, David H. (marriage to Roena Ramsdell) (i708)


Eames, Abigail (marriage to Gideon Ramsdell) (i135), b.1712-


Eaton, Ebenezer (marriage to Eunice Ramsdell) (i592)
Eaton, Rachel (marriage to Joseph Ramsdell) (i2), b.1625-


Eddelman, Milinda Ellen (marriage to Thomas Manley Ramsdell) (i1654), b.1866-d.1937


Eells, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Ramsdell) (i537), b.1808-


Elaine (marriage to Theron Ramsdell) (i1079)


Ellis, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Ramsdell) (i70), b.1750-d.1811
Ellis, Josiah (marriage to Mercy Ramsdell) (i62), b.1757-
Ellis, Lucy (marriage to Barker Ramsdell) (i543), b.1783-
Ellis, Nathaniel (marriage to Mary Ramsdell) (i530)


Emerson, Cora Arvilla (Tibbetts) (marriage to Abraham Lincoln Ramsdell) (i290), b.1867-d.1940


Emry, Bessie (marriage to Thomas Manley Ramsdell) (i1666), d.1975


Estes, Albert S. (i1620), b.1830-
Estes, Aura Clark (i1565), b.1863-
Estes, Betsey (i472), b.1779-d.1851
Estes, Betsey (i489), b.1809-
Estes, Betsey (marriage to Daniel Barstow) (i1574)
Estes, Calvin J. (i501), b.1827-
Estes, Charles Gilbert (i1589), b.1848-d.1848
Estes, Charles Gilbert (i1591), b.1849-
Estes, Charles R. (i1607), b.1824-
Estes, Charles Stetson (marriage to Betsey Ramsdell) (i1606), b.1799-d.1826
Estes, Daniel B. (i504), b.1839-
Estes, Dorothy J. (i503), b.1834-
Estes, Edith Linwood (i1601), b.1861-
Estes, Edward (i477), b.1790-
Estes, Edward (i492), b.1819-
Estes, Edwin Clifford (i1615), b.1863-
Estes, Elijah (i474), b.1783-d.1790
Estes, Elijah (i491), b.1818-d.1818
Estes, Elijah (i493), b.1824-
Estes, Elizabeth T. (i1622), b.1834-
Estes, Elva Lauretta (i1595), b.1854-
Estes, Emily Edna (i1612), b.1852-
Estes, Florin (i498), b.1819-d.1820
Estes, Florin (i499), b.1821-
Estes, Francena A. (i1624), b.1837-
Estes, Frank (i1604), b.1873-
Estes, George W. (i1619), b.1827-
Estes, Harry E. (i1602), b.1865-
Estes, Helen (i502), b.1831-
Estes, Helen Maria (i1599), b.1859-
Estes, James Albert (i1577), b.1841-
Estes, Lucy B. (i1617), b.1822-
Estes, Lucy J. (i497), b.1817-d.1881
Estes, Lucy Jane (i1598), b.1856-d.1869
Estes, Mary Alice (i1616), b.1871-
Estes, Mary B. (i1569), b.1825-d.1860
Estes, Mary Helen (i1568), b.1866-
Estes, Mary Patience (i1567), b.1888-
Estes, Mercy (i476), b.1787-
Estes, Mercy B. (i500), b.1824-
Estes, Ora Barton (i1564), b.1851-d.1854
Estes, Priscilla L. (i490), b.1815-d.1817
Estes, Reuben (marriage to Mary B. Ramsdell) (i568), b.1796-
Estes, Reuben B. (i1561), b.1820-
Estes, Richard (i473), b.1781-d.1864
Estes, Richard (i487), b.1805-d.1878
Estes, Richard (marriage to Mercy Ramsdell) (i61), b.1745-d.1797
Estes, Rosalie Belle (i1603), b.1869-
Estes, Rosalie Belle (i1605), b.1869-
Estes, Ruth (i475), b.1785-
Estes, Saba D. (i488), b.1807-
Estes, Saba D. (i1581), b.1888-
Estes, Saba D. (i1582), b.1843-
Estes, Sylvanus (marriage to Ruth S. Ramsdell) (i567), b.1794-d.1873
Estes, Walter William (i1614), b.1858-
Estes, William (i478), b.1795-d.1864
Estes, William (i496), b.1816-d.1873
Estes, William (i1576), b.1839-d.1839
Estes, William (marriage to Lucy E. Ramsdell) (i569), b.1802-
Estes, William Barton (i1562), b.1823-d.1887
Estes, William F. (i1580), b.1888-
Estes, William Lewis (i1587), b.1845-
Estes, William Stetson (i1610), b.1826-


Eunice (marriage to Lewis Ramsdell) (i745), b.1812-
Evelyn (marriage to Charles Ramsdell) (i1077)


Farnsworth, Polly (marriage to Nehemiah Ramsdell) (i178), b.1761-


Farrington, Sarah (marriage to Gideon Ramsdell) (i72), b.1716-


Faulkner, George M. (marriage to Jennie M. Ramsdell) (i682)
Faulkner, Homer Ramsdell (i683)


Fernald, Lizzie (marriage to James Albert Estes) (i1579), b.1857-


Fickett, Abbie E. (marriage to Walter L. Ramsdell) (i297), b.1868-d.1957
Fickett, Jonathan (marriage to Betsey Bryant) (i1334)


Fields, Priscilla Ann (marriage to Isaac Newton Ramsdell) (i1011), b.1856-d.1947


Figgles, Mary Lee (marriage to Robert R. Turner) (i1045)


Fish, Catherine (marriage to Albert S. Estes) (i1621)


Fitts, Adin Elsworth (i1214), b.1859-
Fitts, Albert Buonaparte (i1199), b.1831-d.1913
Fitts, Alice Adella (i1213), b.1857-
Fitts, Amasa (i1196), b.1800-d.1883
Fitts, Amasa E. (i1234), b.1872-d.1953
Fitts, Amasa Elmer (i1228), b.1866-
Fitts, Angeline Maria (i1201), b.1828-d.1913
Fitts, Angie Marie (i1232), b.1866-d.1936
Fitts, Clarence Leslie (i1217), b.1864-
Fitts, Cora E. (i1237), b.1881-d.1962
Fitts, Cora Ellen (i1230), b.1870-
Fitts, Edward Albert (i1210), b.1865-
Fitts, Ellen (i1216), b.1861-
Fitts, Elmer (i1204), b.1838-d.1926
Fitts, Emily Sarah (i1205), b.1840-d.1913
Fitts, Fred Arthur (i1211), b.1867-
Fitts, Frederick F. (i1207), b.1847-d.1855
Fitts, Jennie A. (i1235), b.1874-
Fitts, Jennie Ann (i1229), b.1868-
Fitts, John Calvin (i1231), b.1872-
Fitts, John Calvin (i1241), b.1884-
Fitts, Lois (marriage to Farrington Ramsdell) (i583)
Fitts, Mary Eliza (i1203), b.1835-d.1913
Fitts, Nathaniel (i1202), b.1830-
Fitts, Nathaniel (marriage to Sarah Ramsdell) (i581)
Fitts, Oscar Amasa (i1206), b.1843-d.1888
Fitts, Son (Stillborn) (i1233), b.1868-
Fitts, Stearns A. (i1200), b.1826-
Fitts, Willis Elmer (i1215), b.1861-


Ford, Almira C. (marriage to Asa T. Ramsdell) (i1494), b.1827-
Ford, Sarah B. (marriage to Samuel Dexter Ramsdell) (i1491), b.1824-


Frazer, Lydia (marriage to Risher W. Ramsdell) (i1419), d.1956


Frye, George H. (marriage to Sylvia Louise White) (i887), b.1852-d.1913
Frye, William O. (marriage to Rosa Bella White) (i888), b.1850-d.1915


Fuller, Consider (marriage to Elizabeth Cummings) (i1303)


Furguson, Elsie (marriage to George E. Ramsdell Jr.) (i1458), b.1908-


Gannett, Hannah (marriage to Thomas Ramsdale) (i160), b.1753-


Gardner, Celia Dean (marriage to Joseph Cummings) (i1329)


Gary, Mary (marriage to Gersham Ramsdell) (i780), b.1753-d.1788


Gates, Joshua (marriage to Betsey Estes) (i480)


Gerst, Emma (marriage to Mertin Edward Ramsdell) (i1120)


Gill, Hannah (marriage to Thomas Ramsdell) (i67), b.1736-


Gloyd, Lydia (marriage to Joseph Ramsdell) (i137), b.1768-


Goodlander, Brian Douglas (i1447), b.1961-
Goodlander, C.W.M. (marriage to Lucy E. Ramsdell) (i1422), b.1875-d.1951
Goodlander, Charles William (i1423), b.1897-
Goodlander, Edna Mae (i1449), b.1908-
Goodlander, Frank E. (i1426), b.1899-
Goodlander, Frank Edward (i1445), b.1955-
Goodlander, Frank Edward, Jr. (i1443), b.1927-
Goodlander, Margorie Ethel (i1428), b.1921-d.1921
Goodlander, Marjorie (i1425), b.1923-
Goodlander, Mark William (i1446), b.1957-
Goodlander, Mary Louise (i1438), b.1925-
Goodlander, Samuel B. (i1448), b.1905-
Goodlander, Virginia T. (i1429), b.1923-


Green, Betsey (marriage to Daniel Ramsdell) (i1718)


Grove, Hannah (marriage to Nathaniel Ramsdell) (i291), b.1822-d.1853


Gue, Jacob (marriage to Lydia Anna Ramsdell) (i1005)


Hall, George Eldridge (i857), b.1823-d.1846
Hall, Rebecca Morton (i856), b.1821-d.1856
Hall, Samuel (marriage to Nabby Ramsdell) (i529)
Hall, Zaccheus Morton (marriage to Rebecca Ramsdell) (i221), b.1795-d.1867


Hamilton, Cynthia Ann (marriage to Elmer Fitts) (i1227), b.1845-d.1915


Hantello, Gertrude (marriage to James Cairns Cook Dr.) (i1107)


Harden, Betsey (marriage to Enos Cox) (i1700)


Harding, Betty (marriage to Ralph G. Ramsdell) (i1389), b.1923-


Harvey, David A. (marriage to Augusta Ramsdell) (i744)


Hass, Monica (i1477), b.1965-
Hass, Norman (marriage to Ruth Ramsdell) (i1476), b.1940-


Hastings, Elizabeth Stockbridge (i685)
Hastings, Joseph D. (marriage to Emma A. Ramsdell) (i684)


Hatch, Rachel (marriage to Joshua Dwelley) (i394), d.1831


Havenrich, Barbara (i1377), b.1917-
Havenrich, Bert (marriage to Alma Ramsdell) (i1374)
Havenrich, Leland (i1376), b.1915-
Havenrich, Richer (i1375), b.1913-


Hawkins, Louise (marriage to Gideon Ramsdell) (i1012)


Herrick, Azup (marriage to Abigail F. Cummings) (i1317)
Herrick, Moses A. (marriage to Lois M. Cummings) (i1327)


Hersey, David (marriage to Susanna Ramsdell) (i928), b.1721-


Hill, Mr. (marriage to Abbie Ramsdell) (i742)
Hill, Phebe (i427), b.1773-
Hill, Richard (i428), b.1769-d.1817
Hill, Samuel (i429), b.1768-
Hill, Samuel (marriage to Lydia Ramsdell) (i95), b.1745-


Hillman, Eunice Look (marriage to Jessie M. Ramsdell) (i223), b.1802-d.1874


Hiscock, Chester (marriage to Louisa Ramsdell) (i713)


Hoag, Mary Ann (marriage to Nathan A. Ramsdell) (i623), b.1814-d.1900


Hodap, Mary (marriage to Oscar Ramsdell) (i1462)


Hoerst, Carol (i1469), b.1931-
Hoerst, Frank (i1470), b.1934-
Hoerst, Frank (marriage to Mildred Ramsdell) (i1467), b.1904-
Hoerst, Mildred (i1468), b.1929-
Hoerst, William (i1471), b.1936-


Homer, Mary (marriage to Joseph Ramsdell) (i36), b.1708-d.1754


Houghton, Winifred (marriage to Paul Vooheis Ramsdell) (i1132)


Hovey, Content (i1189), b.1772-
Hovey, Daniel (i1186), b.1767-d.1768
Hovey, Daniel (marriage to Content Ramsdell) (i132), b.1741-
Hovey, Gideon (i1182), b.1762-
Hovey, Lydia (i1185), b.1765-d.1827
Hovey, Mary (Molly) (i1191), b.1774-
Hovey, Miriam (i1187), b.1769-d.1842
Hovey, Sarah (i1180), b.1760-


Howard, Lelia (marriage to William Barney Ramsdell) (i1074)
Howard, Lucy Mitchell (marriage to Ezra Berry Ramsdell) (i808)


Huntley, Louise (marriage to John B. Ramsdell) (i1355), d.1889


Hussey, Daniel (marriage to Lydia Cummings) (i1321)


Ida (marriage to Verne Comfort) (i1102), d.1941


Jake, Mary E. (marriage to Frank Edward Goodlander Jr.) (i1444)


Johnson, Edna (marriage to Horace M. Ramsdell) (i284), b.1866-d.1920
Johnson, Phoebe Taylor (marriage to Nathan Pazzi Lapham) (i969)


Jones, Elizabeth (marriage to Franklin Ramsdell) (i714)
Jones, Julia Ann (marriage to Asa Ramsdell) (i710)


Josselyn, Alden (i441), b.1784-
Josselyn, Almorin (i434), b.1775-d.1855
Josselyn, Almorin (i467)
Josselyn, Bethia (marriage to William Estes) (i494), b.1796-d.1879
Josselyn, Betsey (marriage to Elijah Ramsdell) (i1511)
Josselyn, Caroline K. (i469), b.1809-d.1873
Josselyn, Christina (marriage to Isaac Josselyn) (i446)
Josselyn, Deborah Barker (i1704), b.1804-
Josselyn, Eliza (i466), b.1814-
Josselyn, Elizabeth (marriage to Seth Cox) (i1693), b.1746-d.1806
Josselyn, Ezra (i442), b.1787-
Josselyn, Hannah (i440), b.1783-d.1783
Josselyn, Hervey (i438), b.1782-
Josselyn, Houghton S. (i468)
Josselyn, Isaac (i433), b.1774-d.1799
Josselyn, Isaac (marriage to Lois Ramsdell) (i432), b.1743-
Josselyn, John D. (i444), b.1791-
Josselyn, Lois (i435), b.1776-d.1778
Josselyn, Lois (i437), b.1780-
Josselyn, Martin (i445), b.1793-
Josselyn, Roland (i436), b.1778-
Josselyn, Samuel William (marriage to Elizabeth Josselyn Cox) (i1701), b.1772-
Josselyn, Sylvester (i443), b.1789-


Joy, Obediah (marriage to Content Hovey) (i1190)


Keen, William W. (marriage to Eliza Ramsdell) (i1490)


Keene, Orren (marriage to Hannah B. Ramsdell) (i932)


Kefuss, Charles (marriage to Mary Beasom) (i1090)


Kendall, Ella M. (marriage to Carl E. Ramsdell) (i944)


Kerr, (marriage to Alena Ramsdell) (i1062)


Kibbey, Clarinda (marriage to David Barclay Ramsdell) (i1639), b.1852-


Kidder, Ella Angie (i1220), b.1853-
Kidder, Hiram Barnes (marriage to Angeline Maria Fitts) (i1218), b.1822-d.1889
Kidder, Jennie Sophia (i1219), b.1851-


Kies, James (marriage to Ann Eliza Ramsdell) (i1069)
Kies, Stephen (i1070), b.1892-


Kilton, Ivory Hovey (marriage to Francena M. Ramsdell) (i342), b.1865-d.1944


King, B. (marriage to Achsa Ella Ramsdell) (i831)
King, Melville (marriage to Mary Alzina Ramsdell) (i330)
King, Melvina (marriage to Oscar Colohill Ramsdell) (i1657), d.1937
King, Phebe (marriage to Leland Ramsdell) (i711)


Kingsley, Lucy E. (marriage to Edward Thomas Ramsdell Rev.) (i1134)


Kinne, Patience (marriage to William Barton Estes) (i1563)


Kinnoy, Debra (i1051), b.1952-
Kinnoy, Larry (i1050), b.1951-
Kinnoy, Mark (i1052), b.1953-
Kinnoy, Martin (marriage to Lois M. Turner) (i1049)


Ladd, Hannah (marriage to Benjamin Ramsdell) (i173), b.1744-


Lane, George Bailey (marriage to Viola Ann Ramsdell) (i830)


Langley, James R. (i1412), b.1961-
Langley, James R. (marriage to May Love Ramsdell) (i1411), b.1937-


Lapham, Cinderilla (marriage to Joseph Cummings) (i1325)
Lapham, Cinderilla (marriage to Solomon Cummings) (i1325)
Lapham, Fayette (marriage to Lucy Ramsdale) (i965), b.1794-d.1872
Lapham, Lavalette (i970), b.1821-
Lapham, Lucy Antoinette (i973), b.1827-d.1905
Lapham, Lydia (marriage to Jonathan Ramsdell) (i620), b.1789-d.1868
Lapham, Nathan Pazzi (i968), b.1819-


Larkin, Mataleen (marriage to Benjamin Dwight Ramsdell) (i1136)


Larner, Connie Dee (marriage to Michael William Ramsdell II) (i1557)


Laws, Robert Wooldridge (marriage to Adelaide Ramsdell) (i1099)


Leighton, Mary Ann (marriage to Justus Ramsdell) (i258), b.1812-d.1896
Leighton, Salome W. (Cummings) (marriage to William Henry Ramsdell) (i269), b.1838-d.1900


Lewis, Jane (marriage to William Estes) (i1575)


Liabold, Catherine (marriage to Charles H. Ramsdell) (i1379), b.1872-d.1948


Libby, Matilda C. (marriage to Seth Ramsdell) (i751), b.1828-
Libby, Paulina (marriage to Solomon N. Ramsdell) (i715), b.1805-


Lochbronner, Barney (marriage to Virginia T. Goodlander) (i1430), d.1943
Lochbronner, Patricia (i1431), b.1943-


Look, Albert F. (marriage to Nora Eldridge White) (i891)
Look, Eunice (marriage to Freedom Ramsdell) (i202), b.1794-d.1885


Lothrop, A.G. (marriage to Martha Jane Ramsdell) (i829)


Love, Grace B. (marriage to Charles E. Ramsdell) (i1404), b.1905-


Lydia (marriage to Howland Beals Ramsdell) (i668), b.1821-


Lyon, Caroline (i1163)
Lyon, Charles (i1162)
Lyon, Female Child (i1164)
Lyon, Lizzie (i1165), b.1864-d.1948
Lyon, William (marriage to Lucy E. Alley) (i1161), b.1828-d.1885


MacLaughlan, Leroy (marriage to Eunice G. Ramsdell) (i959)


Mailey, Ida Belle (marriage to Joseph Warren Ramsdell) (i285), b.1861-d.1943
Mailey, Sarah J. (marriage to Horace M. Ramsdell) (i283), b.1860-d.1892


Makepeace, Joseph K. (marriage to Mary E. Ramsdell) (i686)
Makepeace, Mary (marriage to William B. Ramsdell) (i677)
Makepeace, Mary E. (i687), b.1852-


Malloy, Abigail (marriage to Abraham Ramsdell) (i636), b.1811-d.1876


Manley, Eunice (marriage to John Ramsdell) (i914), b.1767-
Manley, Lydia (marriage to Gideon Hovey Wilson) (i1263), b.1804-d.1894
Manley, Syrene S. (marriage to Shepard S. Wilson) (i1268), b.1811-d.1880


Maria (marriage to John Ramsdell) (i840), b.1798-


Marsh, Lydia (marriage to Daniel Ramsdell) (i1711), b.1787-d.1817


Marshall, Catherine (marriage to John Lapham Ramsdell) (i1015)


Mason, Lyman W. (marriage to Martha Ramsdell) (i1489)


Matthews, (marriage to Abbie Ramsdell) (i1056)


Maxwell, Frank (marriage to Lizzie Lyon) (i1166), b.1861-d.1938
Maxwell, Mildred (i1167), b.1893-d.1973


McDowell, Maude (marriage to George E. Ramsdell) (i1451), b.1879-d.1960


McRae, Charles G. (marriage to Cora E. Fitts) (i1240)


Meisel, Emma (marriage to John William Ramsdell) (i1371)


Meranda, Lizzie (marriage to Elmer Milford Ramsdell) (i1286)


Merriam, George (marriage to Jane R. Dwelley) (i390), d.1830
Merriam, George R. (i391), b.1828-d.1842
Merriam, Jane R. (i392), b.1829-


Merrill, Abby J. (marriage to Seth Ramsdell) (i754)
Merrill, James, [Dr. (marriage to Chloe Cummings) (i1305)


Metcalf, May (i699), b.1871-
Metcalf, William J. (marriage to Hattie A. Ramsdell) (i698), b.1843-
Metcalf, William R. (i700), b.1878-d.1879


Meyers, Mary Lee (marriage to Don C. Ramsdell) (i1398), b.1929-


Miettinen, Linda Jane (marriage to David Taggart Smith) (i909), b.1944-


Miller, Nancy (marriage to Alvin Ramsdell) (i709)


Millit, Abigail (marriage to Gideon Ramsdell) (i650)


Minerva (marriage to J. Wendell Turner) (i1037)


Mitchell, Elvin L. (marriage to Eldora Ramsdell) (i306), b.1865-d.1905
Mitchell, Lucy C. (marriage to Elisha Pratt Ramsdell) (i828)


Mitts, Martha Ann (marriage to Lavalette Lapham) (i972)


Morrill, Peace (marriage to Job Ramsdell) (i640), b.1780-


Moss, Minnie (marriage to Aura Clark Estes) (i1566), b.1867-


Mullins, Lorraine (marriage to Robert Ramsdell) (i635), b.1937-


N. Maria (marriage to Gilbert Jenkins Ramsdell) (i1531)
Nabby (marriage to Micah Ramsdell) (i1535)


Names, William (marriage to Lois Ramsdell) (i688)


Nash, Daniel Merritt (marriage to Lorania Ramsdell) (i222), b.1793-d.1870
Nash, David W. (i860), b.1819-d.1849
Nash, Eunice (marriage to Joseph Dawes Ramsdell) (i98), b.1764-
Nash, Luke, Jr. (marriage to Ruth Ramsdell) (i1529)
Nash, Lydia (marriage to Enos Cox) (i1699)
Nash, Mary A. (McRoy) (marriage to Daniel R. White) (i885), b.1867-d.1946
Nash, Sarah (marriage to Gideon Ramsdell) (i615), b.1749-
Nash, Thankful J. (marriage to Gideon Ramsdell Capt) (i1518)
Nash, William N. (marriage to Eugina White) (i890), b.1875-d.1947


Nason, John E. (marriage to Love Sophia Ramsdell) (i265), b.1839-d.1900


Nelson, Moses (marriage to Sarah Hovey) (i1181)


Nixon, Laura (marriage to Arthur Ramsdell) (i1416), b.1870-d.1951


Nolton, John (marriage to Anna Alpha Ramsdell) (i1676), b.1902-d.1970


Norton, Hepsabeth (marriage to Nathaniel Ramsdell) (i192), b.1774-d.1848


Oliver, Lillian C. (marriage to Leon W. Ramsdell) (i940)


Palmer, Anne (marriage to Job Ramsdell) (i134), b.1748-
Palmer, Ruth (marriage to Gideon Ramsdell) (i902), b.1729-d.1812
Palmer, William (marriage to Hannah M. Ramsdell) (i997)
Palmer, William Ramsdell (i998)


Parker, Arthur (marriage to Altha Ramsdell) (i1064)


Perry, Abbie (marriage to William Estes) (i1594), b.1829-
Perry, Abigail Mariah (marriage to Moses Look Ramsdell) (i299), b.1832-d.1912
Perry, Charles W. (marriage to Cyrene Ramsdell) (i348), b.1876-
Perry, Hannah Evans (marriage to William Henry Ramsdell) (i286), b.1862-d.1940
Perry, Harriet Amelia (marriage to Charles Ramsdell) (i305), b.1860-d.1928
Perry, James C. (marriage to Sarah W. Ramsdell) (i214), b.1829-d.1879
Perry, Reuben Charles (marriage to Francena M. Ramsdell) (i341), b.1869-d.1927


Peterson, Sarah (marriage to William Stetson Estes) (i1611), b.1827-


Pettee, Corinthia (marriage to Albert Buonaparte Fitts) (i1208), b.1842-d.1868


Phebe (marriage to Nathaniel F. Ramsdell) (i833), b.1803-d.1870


Pieper, Leslie (marriage to Charles Thomas Ramsdell) (i1690)


Pierce, Florence Estella (marriage to Roger Ramsdell Smith) (i907), b.1907-
Pierce, Mary (marriage to Thomas Ramsdell) (i1538)


Pineo, Benjamin Chamberlain (marriage to Cordella Wilson Ramsdell) (i261), b.1833-


Pinkham, Amy S. (marriage to Elmore Wesley Ramsdell) (i317), b.1850-d.1936
Pinkham, Nettie (marriage to Daniel R. White) (i883), b.1850-d.1879


Pond, Amanda M. (marriage to Albert Buonaparte Fitts) (i1209), b.1848-d.1909


Pool, Melvin (marriage to Abigail Bryant) (i1347)
Pool, Oliver (marriage to Sarah Ramsdell) (i71), b.1749-


Poole, L. Augustus (marriage to Jane R. Merriam) (i393)


Post, Charity (marriage to Ezekiel Ramsdell) (i521)


Powell, Frances E. L. (marriage to Homer Ramsdell) (i557)


Pratt, Achsa (marriage to Luther Ramsdell) (i802)
Pratt, Cynthia (marriage to William Lewis Estes) (i1588), b.1841-
Pratt, Jesse (marriage to Lydia Ramsdell) (i1544)
Pratt, Lucy (marriage to George Williams Cummings) (i1311)
Pratt, Lydia (marriage to Moses Cummings) (i1313)
Pratt, Mary (marriage to Nathaniel Ramsdell) (i107), b.1730-


Prescott, Simeon (marriage to Sylvester Josselyn) (i450)


Price, Chloe (marriage to John Ramsdell) (i571), b.1763-d.1815


Prior, Jane (marriage to Elbridge G. Ramsdell) (i1499)


Prouty, Adam (marriage to Grace Ramsdell) (i83), b.1725-
Prouty, Isaac (marriage to Priscilla Ramsdell) (i65), b.1732-


Rains, George W., Maj (marriage to Frances J. Ramsdell) (i566)


Ramsdale, Chester (i600)
Ramsdale, Dyer (i161), b.1791-
Ramsdale, Edna (i1545), b.1820-
Ramsdale, Gannett (i162), b.1811-
Ramsdale, Gideon (i171), b.1780-
Ramsdale, Hannah (i163), b.1785-d.1785
Ramsdale, Hannah (i164), b.1788-
Ramsdale, Leah (i165), b.1799-
Ramsdale, Lucy (i166), b.1795-d.1827
Ramsdale, Nabby (i168), b.1786-
Ramsdale, Noah (i169), b.1793-
Ramsdale, Polly (i167), b.1783-
Ramsdale, Thomas (i80), b.1753-d.1829
Ramsdale, Thomas (i170), b.1791-d.1791


Ramsdall, Jeremiah (i1547), b.1823-
Ramsdall, John (i1546), b.1824-


Ramsdell, (i1280)
Ramsdell, (i1281)
Ramsdell, Abbie (i733), b.1835-
Ramsdell, Abbie (i1053), b.1861-
Ramsdell, Abbie Jane (i637), b.1830-
Ramsdell, Abby (i752), b.1847-
Ramsdell, Abigail (i524), b.1812-
Ramsdell, Abigail (i653), b.1810-
Ramsdell, Abigail (i761), b.1757-d.1757
Ramsdell, Abigail (i1279)
Ramsdell, Abraham (i621), b.1808-d.1849
Ramsdell, Abraham Lincoln (i278), b.1862-d.1940
Ramsdell, Abraham Ward (i1067), b.1871-d.1871
Ramsdell, Achsa Ella (i807), b.1851-
Ramsdell, Ada (i648), b.1817-
Ramsdell, Adelaide (i539), b.1833-
Ramsdell, Adelaide (i1098), b.1900-
Ramsdell, Adeline Paulina (i723), b.1855-
Ramsdell, Agnes (i1663), b.1874-d.1877
Ramsdell, Alanson (i597), b.1808-d.1873
Ramsdell, Albert (i1282), b.1857-d.1884
Ramsdell, Alena (i1061), b.1870-
Ramsdell, Alice (i190), b.1816-
Ramsdell, Alice Bailey (i816), b.1836-
Ramsdell, Alma (i1373), b.1896-
Ramsdell, Almire White (i236), b.1849-d.1905
Ramsdell, Alonzo (i917), b.1789-d.1794
Ramsdell, Alonzo (i922), b.1798-d.1803
Ramsdell, Alonzo B. (i1501), b.1834-d.1837
Ramsdell, Alphonzo Bartlett (i1492), b.1848-
Ramsdell, Altha (i1063), b.1870-
Ramsdell, Alverson (i176), b.1774-
Ramsdell, Alverson (i674), b.1803-
Ramsdell, Alvin (i605), b.1808-
Ramsdell, Amanda (i514), b.1840-
Ramsdell, Amanda M. (i260), b.1836-d.1851
Ramsdell, Angelina (i1022), b.1850-
Ramsdell, Angette Peace (i724), b.1869-
Ramsdell, Ann (i734), b.1837-
Ramsdell, Ann Cordelie (i1651), b.1855-d.1922
Ramsdell, Ann Eliza (i1002), b.1847-d.1851
Ramsdell, Ann Eliza (i1068), b.1872-d.1901
Ramsdell, Anna Alpha (i1675), b.1905-
Ramsdell, Anna Lee (i1409), b.1958-
Ramsdell, Anna May (i1658), b.1864-d.1956
Ramsdell, Annie (i1285), b.1880-
Ramsdell, Arthur (i1415), b.1872-d.1925
Ramsdell, Arthur C. (i257), b.1850-d.1860
Ramsdell, Asa (i607), b.1813-
Ramsdell, Asa T. (i777), b.1825-
Ramsdell, Asahel R. (i851), b.1874-d.1885
Ramsdell, Ashley (i986), b.1827-d.1850
Ramsdell, Ashley (i1060), b.1867-
Ramsdell, Augusta (i647), b.1815-
Ramsdell, Augusta (i739), b.1850-
Ramsdell, Augustus (i795), b.1826-
Ramsdell, Augustus (i920), b.1793-
Ramsdell, Austin (i646), b.1813-
Ramsdell, Austin B. (i736), b.1841-
Ramsdell, Avis (i42), b.1732-d.1740
Ramsdell, Avis (i47), b.1741-d.1831
Ramsdell, Barbara (i1150), b.1920-
Ramsdell, Barker (i125), b.1779-
Ramsdell, Bartlett (i116), b.1768-d.1832
Ramsdell, Bartlett (i507), b.1810-
Ramsdell, Bartlett (i525), b.1812-
Ramsdell, Bathsheba (i1506), b.1820-
Ramsdell, Benjamin (i11), b.1699-
Ramsdell, Benjamin (i33), b.1721-
Ramsdell, Benjamin (i101), b.1744-d.1799
Ramsdell, Benjamin (i663), b.1806-
Ramsdell, Benjamin (i672), b.1801-d.1804
Ramsdell, Benjamin Dwight (i1135), b.1903-
Ramsdell, Benjamin Randall (i837), b.1842-d.1875
Ramsdell, Benjamin Roswell (i822), b.1867-
Ramsdell, Bert E. (i1358), b.1871-
Ramsdell, Bethiah (i584), b.1797-
Ramsdell, Betsey (i139), b.1777-
Ramsdell, Betsey (i179), b.1793-
Ramsdell, Betsey (i506), b.1799-
Ramsdell, Betsey (i526), b.1812-
Ramsdell, Betsey (i782), b.1778-d.1790
Ramsdell, Betsey (i1479), b.1801-
Ramsdell, Betsey (i1549), b.1791-
Ramsdell, Betsey Cox (i1512), b.1833-
Ramsdell, Betty (i119), b.1775-
Ramsdell, Betty (i1551), b.1792-
Ramsdell, Betty June (i1392), b.1922-
Ramsdell, Carl E. (i943), b.1895-d.1970
Ramsdell, Carrie (i1025), b.1858-
Ramsdell, Charles (i106), b.1756-
Ramsdell, Charles (i302), b.1855-d.1936
Ramsdell, Charles (i1010), b.1843-d.1864
Ramsdell, Charles (i1076), b.1904-
Ramsdell, Charles (i1644)
Ramsdell, Charles Barber (i718), b.1827-d.1911
Ramsdell, Charles E. (i1403), b.1906-
Ramsdell, Charles E., Jr. (i1405), b.1931-
Ramsdell, Charles H. (i1378), b.1870-d.1936
Ramsdell, Charles Homer (i1670), b.1893-d.1977
Ramsdell, Charles M. (i725), b.1871-
Ramsdell, Charles Thomas (i1689), b.1946-
Ramsdell, Charles W. (i703), b.1874-
Ramsdell, Charley (i1123), b.1879-d.1880
Ramsdell, Charlotte (i254), b.1836-d.1850
Ramsdell, Charlotte (i585), b.1799-
Ramsdell, Child (i1360), b.1875-d.1875
Ramsdell, Child (i1361), b.1877-d.1877
Ramsdell, Chloe (i918), b.1791-
Ramsdell, Cindy (i1391), b.1956-
Ramsdell, Clara R. (i1368), b.1865-d.1899
Ramsdell, Collen (i1681), b.1942-
Ramsdell, Content (i75), b.1741-
Ramsdell, Content (i102), b.1752-
Ramsdell, Content (i129), b.1720-
Ramsdell, Content (i762), b.1755-
Ramsdell, Content (i764), b.1744-
Ramsdell, Cora (i1648)
Ramsdell, Cordelia L. (i273), b.1845-d.1905
Ramsdell, Cordella Wilson (i259), b.1833-d.1904
Ramsdell, Cyrene (i338), b.1880-
Ramsdell, Cyrene M. (i233), b.1839-d.1876
Ramsdell, Daniel (i3), b.1649-d.1722
Ramsdell, Daniel (i32), b.1723-
Ramsdell, Daniel (i108), b.1754-d.1779
Ramsdell, Daniel (i573), b.1788-d.1863
Ramsdell, Daniel Look (i253), b.1834-d.1867
Ramsdell, Daniel, Jr. (i1716), b.1818-
Ramsdell, Daughter (i209), b.1831-d.1840
Ramsdell, David (i25), b.1721-
Ramsdell, David (i77), b.1746-
Ramsdell, David (i151), b.1762-d.1813
Ramsdell, David (i577), b.1791-d.1824
Ramsdell, David (i768), b.1795-d.1835
Ramsdell, David (i983), b.1818-d.1874
Ramsdell, David (i1158), b.1795-d.1847
Ramsdell, David Barclay (i1638), b.1852-d.1919
Ramsdell, David C. (i839), b.1849-
Ramsdell, David Crary (i1646)
Ramsdell, David S. (i937), b.1860-d.1918
Ramsdell, Deborah (i104), b.1748-
Ramsdell, Deborah (i665), b.1810-
Ramsdell, Deborah (i903), b.1767-
Ramsdell, Delmar Andrew (i1682), b.1913-
Ramsdell, Delmar Andrew (i1687), b.1944-
Ramsdell, Don C. (i1397), b.1924-
Ramsdell, Donna (i1082), b.1935-
Ramsdell, Doris (i1152), b.1926-
Ramsdell, Dorothy (i953), b.1910-
Ramsdell, Dorothy B. (i1480), b.1808-d.1813
Ramsdell, Dorothy Bishop (i1488), b.1819-
Ramsdell, Dwight, Rev. (i1021), b.1845-d.1938
Ramsdell, Earl Oliver (i952), b.1907-
Ramsdell, Ebenezer C. (i717), b.1825-
Ramsdell, Eddie B. (i850), b.1872-
Ramsdell, Edgar P. (i755), b.1867-
Ramsdell, Edmond (i105), b.1754-
Ramsdell, Edward (i329), b.1863-d.1880
Ramsdell, Edward Cushing (i1516), b.1810-
Ramsdell, Edward Elmer (i726), b.1854-
Ramsdell, Edward Thomas, Rev. (i1133), b.1902-
Ramsdell, Effie May (i1664), b.1884-d.1965
Ramsdell, Elbridge G. (i1481), b.1813-
Ramsdell, Eldora (i303), b.1865-d.1942
Ramsdell, Eliab (i778), b.1828-
Ramsdell, Elijah (i769), b.1792-
Ramsdell, Elijah W. (i1513), b.1830-
Ramsdell, Elisha Pratt (i804), b.1834-d.1863
Ramsdell, Eliza (i774), b.1816-
Ramsdell, Eliza Ann (i1023), b.1831-
Ramsdell, Elizabeth (i26), b.1722-
Ramsdell, Elizabeth (i759), b.1747-
Ramsdell, Elizabeth (i993), b.1836-
Ramsdell, Elizabeth (i1016), b.1832-
Ramsdell, Elizabeth (i1148), b.1921-
Ramsdell, Elizabeth (i1649)
Ramsdell, Elizabeth B. (i1504), d.1836
Ramsdell, Elizabeth H. (i538), b.1830-
Ramsdell, Elizabeth White (i220), b.1843-d.1925
Ramsdell, Elizabeth White (marriage to Freedom Ramsdell) (i220), b.1843-d.1925
Ramsdell, Ella (i1027), b.1862-
Ramsdell, Elmer (i1472), b.1908-
Ramsdell, Elmer Milford (i1284), b.1882-d.1952
Ramsdell, Elmer, Jr. (i1474), b.1935-
Ramsdell, Elmore Wesley (i237), b.1855-d.1926
Ramsdell, Emma (i1014), b.1852-
Ramsdell, Emma A. (i680), b.1869-
Ramsdell, Emma Hallock (i1673), b.1903-d.1936
Ramsdell, Erastus (i705), b.1810-
Ramsdell, Erastus (marriage to Sylvia Ramsdell) (i705), b.1810-
Ramsdell, Eri (i187), b.1809-d.1810
Ramsdell, Esther M. (i669), b.1845-
Ramsdell, Eugene Byron (i1003), b.1853-d.1929
Ramsdell, Eunice (i156), b.1774-d.1847
Ramsdell, Eunice (i580), b.1802-
Ramsdell, Eunice (i606), b.1811-
Ramsdell, Eunice (i841), b.1828-
Ramsdell, Eunice G. (i957), b.1915-d.1940
Ramsdell, Eunice Witherel (i662), b.1805-
Ramsdell, Eva H. (i852), b.1876-
Ramsdell, Eva J. (i1357), b.1869-d.1888
Ramsdell, Eva Merle (i1124), b.1883-
Ramsdell, Eveline (i516), b.1843-
Ramsdell, Ezekiel (i118), b.1772-
Ramsdell, Ezekiel (i182), b.1799-
Ramsdell, Ezekiel (i528), b.1815-
Ramsdell, Ezra Berry (i803), b.1829-d.1874
Ramsdell, Fanny (i1509), b.1817-
Ramsdell, Farrington (i154), b.1769-d.1811
Ramsdell, Farrington (i588), b.1805-
Ramsdell, Faustina M. (i336), b.1870-
Ramsdell, Florus (i701), b.1854-
Ramsdell, Forence (i1026), b.1860-
Ramsdell, Forest (i1193)
Ramsdell, Francena M. (i335), b.1870-d.1944
Ramsdell, Frances J. (i560)
Ramsdell, Frances M. (i208), b.1829-d.1916
Ramsdell, Francis Carried (i1659), b.1868-d.1910
Ramsdell, Frank (i1126)
Ramsdell, Frank H. (i1359), b.1873-d.1888
Ramsdell, Franklin (i611), b.1824-
Ramsdell, Franklin A. (i737), b.1844-
Ramsdell, Fred Crary (i1655), b.1882-
Ramsdell, Fred F. (i295), b.1854-d.1878
Ramsdell, Freedom (i112), b.1759-
Ramsdell, Freedom (i193), b.1793-d.1857
Ramsdell, Freedom (i210), b.1833-d.1912
Ramsdell, Freedom (marriage to Elizabeth White Ramsdell) (i210), b.1833-d.1912
Ramsdell, Garfield (i1065), b.1873-
Ramsdell, Garrett (i1080), b.1943-
Ramsdell, George (i643), b.1807-
Ramsdell, George (i731), b.1831-
Ramsdell, George (i1072), b.1879-d.1895
Ramsdell, George (i1372), b.1894-d.1944
Ramsdell, George (i1464), b.1882-d.1915
Ramsdell, George E. (i1450), b.1879-d.1966
Ramsdell, George E., III (i1459), b.1926-d.1956
Ramsdell, George E., Jr. (i1457), b.1901-
Ramsdell, George Melford (i1287), b.1913-
Ramsdell, George S. (i933)
Ramsdell, George W. (i630), b.1833-d.1910
Ramsdell, Georgie (Tessie) (i950), b.1897-
Ramsdell, Gersham (i765), b.1750-d.1836
Ramsdell, Gershom (i783), b.1777-
Ramsdell, Gertrude (i339), b.1883-
Ramsdell, Gideon (i20), b.1712-d.1795
Ramsdell, Gideon (i76), b.1744-
Ramsdell, Gideon (i159), b.1781-
Ramsdell, Gideon (i609), b.1818-d.1844
Ramsdell, Gideon (i619), b.1781-
Ramsdell, Gideon (i982), b.1816-d.1883
Ramsdell, Gideon, Capt (i1517), b.1800-
Ramsdell, Gilbert H. (i327), b.1856-d.1860
Ramsdell, Gilbert Jenkins (i1530), b.1831-
Ramsdell, Gladys (i1081), b.1945-
Ramsdell, Grace (i27), b.1725-
Ramsdell, Greley (i652), b.1808-
Ramsdell, Guy Alvin (i1669), b.1890-d.1960
Ramsdell, Hannah (i12), b.1700-
Ramsdell, Hannah (i86), b.1744-
Ramsdell, Hannah (i746), b.1835-
Ramsdell, Hannah (i978)
Ramsdell, Hannah (i1519), b.1803-
Ramsdell, Hannah (i1539), b.1733-
Ramsdell, Hannah B. (i931), b.1822-
Ramsdell, Hannah E. (i1502), b.1836-d.1838
Ramsdell, Hannah M. (i638), b.1836-d.1858
Ramsdell, Hannah P. (i1498), b.1824-
Ramsdell, Harriet (i601)
Ramsdell, Harriet Ward (i696), b.1875-
Ramsdell, Harris C. (i960), b.1918-
Ramsdell, Harry D. (i941), b.1887-d.1964
Ramsdell, Harvest (i632), b.1887-d.1954
Ramsdell, Hattie (i1650)
Ramsdell, Hattie A. (i694), b.1850-
Ramsdell, Helen (i1149), b.1924-
Ramsdell, Henry Augustus (i1532), b.1824-d.1828
Ramsdell, Henry Augustus (i1533), b.1828-
Ramsdell, Henry H. (i697), b.1877-
Ramsdell, Henry P. (i563)
Ramsdell, Henry R. (i720), b.1840-
Ramsdell, Herbert A. (i846), b.1867-
Ramsdell, Herbert W. (i996), b.1834-d.1837
Ramsdell, Hervey (i664), b.1808-
Ramsdell, Hillman T. (i226), b.1822-d.1885
Ramsdell, Hiram (i645), b.1811-
Ramsdell, Hiram (i657), b.1824-
Ramsdell, Hiram F. (i738), b.1846-
Ramsdell, Holmes Wass (i228), b.1825-d.1897
Ramsdell, Holmes Wass (i337), b.1873-
Ramsdell, Homer (i126), b.1781-d.1850
Ramsdell, Homer (i536), b.1810-
Ramsdell, Homer (i549), b.1807-
Ramsdell, Homer A. (i678), b.1860-d.1883
Ramsdell, Homer A. (i1139), b.1947-
Ramsdell, Homer Atkinson, Dr. (i1095), b.1889-
Ramsdell, Homer S. (i564)
Ramsdell, Horace M. (i275), b.1850-d.1931
Ramsdell, Howland Beals (i666), b.1812-
Ramsdell, Infant (i304), b.1867-d.1867
Ramsdell, Infant (i821)
Ramsdell, Infant (i1500), b.1842-d.1842
Ramsdell, Ira (i624), b.1838-
Ramsdell, Ira (i981), b.1812-d.1834
Ramsdell, Irene (i817), b.1829-
Ramsdell, Irene (i1402), b.1900-
Ramsdell, Isaac (i770), b.1787-
Ramsdell, Isaac (i1487), b.1822-
Ramsdell, Isaac (i1510), b.1819-
Ramsdell, Isaac Newton (i625), b.1851-d.1928
Ramsdell, Isabel (i670), b.1848-
Ramsdell, J. G. (marriage to Eliza Ann Ramsdell) (i1024)
Ramsdell, J.R. (marriage to Lydia Ramsdell) (i988)
Ramsdell, Jacob (i1525), b.1806-
Ramsdell, James (i110), b.1758-
Ramsdell, James A. (i562)
Ramsdell, Jane (i1383), b.1918-
Ramsdell, Jane Elbridge (i1503), b.1833-
Ramsdell, Janet Louise (i1154), b.1940-
Ramsdell, Jannie A. (i1456), b.1900-d.1946
Ramsdell, Japhet (i49), b.1745-d.1750
Ramsdell, Jefferson (i512), b.1838-
Ramsdell, Jemimah (i19), b.1710-
Ramsdell, Jennie M. (i679), b.1863-
Ramsdell, Jesse H. (i310), b.1869-d.1941
Ramsdell, Jessie M. (i196), b.1799-d.1880
Ramsdell, Jimmie (i1018), b.1836-
Ramsdell, Joanna (i157), b.1777-
Ramsdell, Job (i78), b.1748-
Ramsdell, Job (i158), b.1779-d.1870
Ramsdell, Job (i617), b.1775-
Ramsdell, Job (i644), b.1809-
Ramsdell, Job (i1542), b.1743-
Ramsdell, John (i74), b.1738-d.1816
Ramsdell, John (i85), b.1742-d.1743
Ramsdell, John (i150), b.1762-d.1813
Ramsdell, John (i578), b.1795-
Ramsdell, John (i586), b.1801-
Ramsdell, John (i649), b.1819-
Ramsdell, John (i750), b.1846-
Ramsdell, John (i763), b.1759-d.1807
Ramsdell, John (i781), b.1782-
Ramsdell, John (i838), b.1846-
Ramsdell, John (i1017), b.1834-
Ramsdell, John (i1364), b.1834-
Ramsdell, John (i1541), b.1741-
Ramsdell, John (i1715), b.1814-
Ramsdell, John Andrew (i1660), b.1866-d.1951
Ramsdell, John August (i1647), b.1824-d.1914
Ramsdell, John B. (i1354), b.1841-
Ramsdell, John Cobb (i596), b.1806-
Ramsdell, John Harley (i1140), b.1940-
Ramsdell, John Lapham (i980), b.1812-d.1839
Ramsdell, John S. (i954), b.1912-d.1976
Ramsdell, John Sullivan (i199), b.1806-d.1829
Ramsdell, John Sullivan (i252), b.1833-d.1909
Ramsdell, John William (i1369), b.1867-d.1926
Ramsdell, Jonathan (i172), b.1781-
Ramsdell, Jonathan John (i639), b.1833-d.1903
Ramsdell, Joseph (i1), b.1620-d.1674
Ramsdell, Joseph (i10), b.1693-
Ramsdell, Joseph (i18), b.1708-d.1788
Ramsdell, Joseph (i31), b.1719-d.1778
Ramsdell, Joseph (i48), b.1743-d.1817
Ramsdell, Joseph (i111), b.1761-d.1830
Ramsdell, Joseph (i123), b.1775-
Ramsdell, Joseph (i146), b.1801-
Ramsdell, Joseph (i191), b.1819-
Ramsdell, Joseph (i534), b.1800-
Ramsdell, Joseph (i552), b.1815-
Ramsdell, Joseph (i732), b.1833-
Ramsdell, Joseph (i900), b.1739-d.1740
Ramsdell, Joseph (i1463), b.1884-d.1953
Ramsdell, Joseph Dawes (i94), b.1764-d.1807
Ramsdell, Joseph Warren (i276), b.1854-d.1917
Ramsdell, Joseph White (i595), b.1804-d.1884
Ramsdell, Josephine (i749), b.1844-
Ramsdell, Joshua (i788), b.1795-
Ramsdell, Joshua (i1362), b.1802-d.1864
Ramsdell, Josiah B. (i551), b.1812-
Ramsdell, Julia (i356), b.1861-
Ramsdell, Julia Ann (i716), b.1823-
Ramsdell, Julia Mariah (i727), b.1867-
Ramsdell, Justus (i198), b.1802-d.1836
Ramsdell, Katherine Mamie (i1677), b.1908-
Ramsdell, Katie B. (i309), b.1865-
Ramsdell, LaDonna Ann (i1293), b.1973-
Ramsdell, Lancelot (i1668), b.1889-d.1889
Ramsdell, Laura (i274), b.1848-d.1880
Ramsdell, Laura (i945), b.1890-
Ramsdell, Laurer (i1417), b.1900-
Ramsdell, Laurilla Jane (i1652), b.1857-d.1908
Ramsdell, Laurilla Jane (i1667), b.1889-d.1889
Ramsdell, Lazarus (i175), b.1772-
Ramsdell, Ledoit Baxter (i693), b.1845-
Ramsdell, Lee (i1057), b.1863-
Ramsdell, Leland (i608), b.1816-d.1876
Ramsdell, Lelia R. (i565)
Ramsdell, Lena Clarinda (i1674), b.1904-d.1971
Ramsdell, Lena May (i1121), b.1881-
Ramsdell, Leon W. (i939), b.1885-
Ramsdell, Levi (i771), b.1779-
Ramsdell, Levi (i1482), b.1811-
Ramsdell, Lewis (i654), b.1812-
Ramsdell, Libbie (Elizabeth) (i1071), b.1875-d.1875
Ramsdell, Libby Cordelia (i1645)
Ramsdell, Lillian A. (i704), b.1878-
Ramsdell, Lois (i89), b.1750-
Ramsdell, Lois (i185), b.1805-
Ramsdell, Lois (i572), b.1786-
Ramsdell, Lois (i590), b.1809-
Ramsdell, Lorania (i195), b.1797-d.1885
Ramsdell, Lot (i88), b.1747-d.1822
Ramsdell, Louis Stephen (i1129), b.1895-
Ramsdell, Louisa (i610), b.1821-
Ramsdell, Louisa A. (i231), b.1833-d.1880
Ramsdell, Love Sophia (i255), b.1838-d.1892
Ramsdell, Lucy (i673), b.1799-
Ramsdell, Lucy Ann (i250), b.1831-d.1896
Ramsdell, Lucy E. (i548), b.1804-
Ramsdell, Lucy E. (i1421), b.1877-d.1948
Ramsdell, Lulu (i1380), b.1893-
Ramsdell, Luman (i527), b.1812-
Ramsdell, Lusanna (i103), b.1746-
Ramsdell, Luther (i789), b.1798-
Ramsdell, Luther (i799), b.1821-
Ramsdell, Luther Bonny (i810), b.1855-
Ramsdell, Luther F. (i1710), b.1832-
Ramsdell, Lydia (i24), b.1719-
Ramsdell, Lydia (i52), b.1759-
Ramsdell, Lydia (i87), b.1745-
Ramsdell, Lydia (i144), b.1794-
Ramsdell, Lydia (i987), b.1829-
Ramsdell, Lydia (i1540), b.1737-
Ramsdell, Lydia Anna (i626), b.1835-d.1872
Ramsdell, Lyle Andrew (i1691), b.1974-
Ramsdell, Mabelle (i357), b.1864-
Ramsdell, Male (i815), b.1834-
Ramsdell, Marcella (i308), b.1863-d.1883
Ramsdell, Marcia (i1155), b.1936-
Ramsdell, Margaret (i515), b.1842-
Ramsdell, Margaret (i989), b.1831-
Ramsdell, Margaret B. (i540), b.1841-
Ramsdell, Margaret Cynthia (i1640), b.1854-d.1902
Ramsdell, Margarette (i1672), b.1900-
Ramsdell, Maria (i721), b.1845-
Ramsdell, Marie (i598), b.1809-
Ramsdell, Marilla Howard (i813), b.1864-
Ramsdell, Mark P. (i1400), b.1955-
Ramsdell, Marsha B. (i298), b.1889-
Ramsdell, Marsia (i1692), b.1977-
Ramsdell, Martha (i627), b.1840-
Ramsdell, Martha (i766), b.1754-
Ramsdell, Martha (i775), b.1812-
Ramsdell, Martha Jane (i805), b.1827-
Ramsdell, Mary (i17), b.1706-
Ramsdell, Mary (i41), b.1732-d.1826
Ramsdell, Mary (i93), b.1758-
Ramsdell, Mary (i121), b.1771-
Ramsdell, Mary (i145), b.1797-
Ramsdell, Mary (i180), b.1795-
Ramsdell, Mary (i535), b.1803-d.1827
Ramsdell, Mary (i579), b.1799-
Ramsdell, Mary (i604), b.1805-
Ramsdell, Mary (i757), b.1715-
Ramsdell, Mary (i790), b.1794-
Ramsdell, Mary (i818), b.1831-
Ramsdell, Mary (i924), b.1807-d.1814
Ramsdell, Mary (i1484), b.1806-
Ramsdell, Mary A. (i800), b.1823-
Ramsdell, Mary Allen (i1523), b.1818-
Ramsdell, Mary Alzina (i328), b.1857-d.1880
Ramsdell, Mary B. (i547), b.1801-
Ramsdell, Mary E. (i556), b.1829-
Ramsdell, Mary Elizabeth (i719), b.1833-
Ramsdell, Mary Elizabeth (i1636), b.1850-d.1927
Ramsdell, Mary L. P. (i559)
Ramsdell, Mary Susan (i728), b.1865-
Ramsdell, Matthew (i109), b.1756-
Ramsdell, Maude Elizabeth (i1088), b.1892-
Ramsdell, May Love (i1410), b.1937-
Ramsdell, Mehitable (i575), b.1785-
Ramsdell, Mehitable (i1520), b.1790-
Ramsdell, Mehitable Cushing Josselyn (i1514), b.1843-
Ramsdell, Melford Eugene (i1289), b.1943-
Ramsdell, Melona (i235), b.1847-d.1868
Ramsdell, Melvin (i517), b.1836-
Ramsdell, Melvina Jane (i797), b.1832-
Ramsdell, Mercy (i23), b.1717-
Ramsdell, Mercy (i51), b.1757-
Ramsdell, Mertin Edward (i1119), b.1877-
Ramsdell, Micah (i79), b.1751-
Ramsdell, Michael (i1399), b.1953-
Ramsdell, Michael William (i1290), b.1944-
Ramsdell, Michael William, II (i1292), b.1970-
Ramsdell, Mildred (i811), b.1858-
Ramsdell, Mildred (i1466), b.1906-
Ramsdell, Minnie (i1030), b.1859-
Ramsdell, Mittie (i1156), b.1939-
Ramsdell, Molly (i1536), b.1775-
Ramsdell, Moses (i655), b.1816-
Ramsdell, Moses Look (i206), b.1824-d.1884
Ramsdell, Myra Elizabeth (i1534), b.1836-
Ramsdell, Nabby (i120), b.1779-
Ramsdell, Nabby (i784), b.1778-d.1790
Ramsdell, Nancy (i143), b.1791-
Ramsdell, Nancy (i184), b.1803-
Ramsdell, Nancy (i1413), b.1909-
Ramsdell, Nancy A. (i272), b.1842-d.1871
Ramsdell, Nancy Jane (i230), b.1831-d.1900
Ramsdell, Nathan A. (i622), b.1811-d.1868
Ramsdell, Nathaniel (i35), b.1730-
Ramsdell, Nathaniel (i114), b.1763-d.1806
Ramsdell, Nathaniel (i142), b.1789-
Ramsdell, Nathaniel (i205), b.1822-d.1896
Ramsdell, Nathaniel (i511), b.1836-
Ramsdell, Nathaniel (i1485), b.1804-d.1842
Ramsdell, Nathaniel F. (i591), b.1811-d.1870
Ramsdell, Nehemiah (i44), b.1734-d.1800
Ramsdell, Nehemiah (i113), b.1761-d.1830
Ramsdell, Nehemiah (i181), b.1797-
Ramsdell, Nehemiah (i188), b.1812-
Ramsdell, Nehemiah (i522), b.1812-
Ramsdell, Nellie Abigail (i1084), b.1877-
Ramsdell, Nelson (i509), b.1832-
Ramsdell, Nelson (i843), b.1833-
Ramsdell, Noah (i904), b.1770-
Ramsdell, Noah, Jr. (i1521), b.1795-
Ramsdell, Ola (i1058), b.1865-
Ramsdell, Olive (i91), b.1754-
Ramsdell, Olive (i1365), b.1836-
Ramsdell, Olive P. (i848), b.1869-
Ramsdell, Oneatta Elenora (i1662), b.1872-d.1902
Ramsdell, Oscar (i1370), b.1841-d.1936
Ramsdell, Oscar Colohill (i1656), b.1862-d.1930
Ramsdell, Patty Jane (i1406), d.1944
Ramsdell, Paul Vooheis (i1131), b.1893-
Ramsdell, Phebe (i576), b.1787-
Ramsdell, Philemon W. (i934), b.1833-d.1883
Ramsdell, Philip Conger (i1096), b.1898-
Ramsdell, Philip L. (i1138)
Ramsdell, Polly (i651), b.1806-
Ramsdell, Polly (i842), b.1829-
Ramsdell, Polly (i1526), b.1797-
Ramsdell, Polly Beals (i675), b.1805-
Ramsdell, Priscilla (i43), b.1734-
Ramsdell, Priscilla (i122), b.1773-d.1774
Ramsdell, Priscilla (i124), b.1776-d.1777
Ramsdell, Prudence H. (i587), b.1803-
Ramsdell, Rachel (i628), b.1836-d.1928
Ramsdell, Ralph (i1028), b.1856-
Ramsdell, Ralph G. (i1381), b.1895-d.1953
Ramsdell, Ralph G. (i1388), b.1920-
Ramsdell, Ray Riser (i1420)
Ramsdell, Rebecca (i117), b.1771-
Ramsdell, Rebecca (i194), b.1795-d.1867
Ramsdell, Rebecca (i747), b.1839-
Ramsdell, Rebecca Hall (i204), b.1820-d.1892
Ramsdell, Rebecca Hall (i251), b.1832-d.1870
Ramsdell, Rebecca Thompson (i776), b.1810-
Ramsdell, Rebekah (i523), b.1812-
Ramsdell, Richard Kingsley (i1153), b.1937-
Ramsdell, Risher W. (i1418), b.1875-d.1964
Ramsdell, Robert (i152), b.1765-d.1825
Ramsdell, Robert (i589), b.1807-
Ramsdell, Robert (i634), b.1930-
Ramsdell, Robert (i676), b.1807-
Ramsdell, Robert (i836), b.1840-
Ramsdell, Robert (i1151), b.1923-
Ramsdell, Robert D. (i232), b.1836-d.1890
Ramsdell, Robert E. (i1407), b.1935-
Ramsdell, Roena (i602), b.1825-
Ramsdell, Rosina A. (i1709), b.1824-
Ramsdell, Roswell (i796), b.1835-
Ramsdell, Roy E. (i849), b.1870-
Ramsdell, Rufus (i791), b.1800-
Ramsdell, Ruth (i92), b.1761-
Ramsdell, Ruth (i155), b.1772-
Ramsdell, Ruth (i819), b.1842-
Ramsdell, Ruth (i1460), b.1927-
Ramsdell, Ruth (i1475), b.1937-
Ramsdell, Ruth (i1528), b.1793-
Ramsdell, Ruth A. (i1452), b.1897-d.1916
Ramsdell, Ruth S. (i546), b.1801-d.1878
Ramsdell, Salley (i1537), b.1776-
Ramsdell, Sally (i1083), b.1938-
Ramsdell, Sally (i1508), b.1822-
Ramsdell, Salome (i1550), b.1788-
Ramsdell, Samuel (i9), b.1690-d.1759
Ramsdell, Samuel (i29), b.1714-d.1801
Ramsdell, Samuel (i760), b.1746-d.1830
Ramsdell, Samuel Dexter (i779), b.1818-
Ramsdell, Samuel Lyman (i1493), b.1844-
Ramsdell, Samuel, Jr. (i772), b.1777-
Ramsdell, Sandra (i1390), b.1947-
Ramsdell, Sandra Valerie (i1683), b.1942-
Ramsdell, Sara P. (i835), b.1838-
Ramsdell, Sarah (i22), b.1715-
Ramsdell, Sarah (i50), b.1749-
Ramsdell, Sarah (i73), b.1737-
Ramsdell, Sarah (i153), b.1767-d.1837
Ramsdell, Sarah (i183), b.1801-
Ramsdell, Sarah (i612), b.1826-
Ramsdell, Sarah (i618), b.1777-
Ramsdell, Sarah (i792), b.1796-
Ramsdell, Sarah Ann (i667), b.1814-
Ramsdell, Sarah Barstow (i174), b.1771-
Ramsdell, Sarah Barstow (i661), b.1803-d.1815
Ramsdell, Sarah E. (i740), b.1852-
Ramsdell, Sarah Mead (i629), b.1846-d.1929
Ramsdell, Sarah W. (i207), b.1827-d.1909
Ramsdell, Sarah Whitmarsh (i1524), b.1812-
Ramsdell, Serajah (i1552), b.1785-
Ramsdell, Seth (i115), b.1766-
Ramsdell, Seth (i616), b.1773-
Ramsdell, Seth (i658), b.1826-
Ramsdell, Seth A. (i753), b.1850-
Ramsdell, Seth Norton (i197), b.1800-d.1867
Ramsdell, Seward (i510), b.1833-
Ramsdell, Shirley (i1029), b.1859-
Ramsdell, Silas (i1486), b.1818-d.1818
Ramsdell, Simeon (i34), b.1726-
Ramsdell, Simeon (i90), b.1752-
Ramsdell, Smith (i748), b.1841-
Ramsdell, Solomon N. (i641), b.1798-d.1844
Ramsdell, Son (i227), b.1824-d.1831
Ramsdell, Son (i325), b.1854-d.1854
Ramsdell, Son (i326), b.1854-d.1854
Ramsdell, Stall (i1661), b.1870-
Ramsdell, Stephen (i985), b.1823-d.1900
Ramsdell, Stephen B. (i642), b.1805-d.1873
Ramsdell, Stephen Malloy (i999), b.1840-
Ramsdell, Stillman (i656), b.1818-
Ramsdell, Stillman S. (i735), b.1839-
Ramsdell, Susan (i844), b.1833-
Ramsdell, Susanna (i927), b.1721-
Ramsdell, Susie C. (i238), b.1868-d.1870
Ramsdell, Sylvania W. (i229), b.1828-d.1851
Ramsdell, Sylvia (i599), b.1811-d.1885
Ramsdell, Sylvia (marriage to Erastus Ramsdell) (i599), b.1811-d.1885
Ramsdell, Theron (i1078), b.1906-
Ramsdell, Thomas (i8), b.1680-d.1727
Ramsdell, Thomas (i16), b.1704-
Ramsdell, Thomas (i45), b.1736-d.1757
Ramsdell, Thomas (i921), b.1796-d.1797
Ramsdell, Thomas (i923), b.1801-
Ramsdell, Thomas Manley (i1653), b.1859-d.1924
Ramsdell, Thomas Manley (i1665), b.1886-d.1964
Ramsdell, Thomas Manley (i1679), b.1911-d.1995
Ramsdell, Thomas Manley, Rev. (i1634), b.1821-d.1914
Ramsdell, Thomas P. (i561)
Ramsdell, Thomas P. (i963), b.1807-d.1874
Ramsdell, Timothy O. (i1401), b.1957-
Ramsdell, Townal (i21), b.1714-
Ramsdell, Tryphosa (i550), b.1809-
Ramsdell, Velona (i1714), b.1812-d.1837
Ramsdell, Vera (i1414), b.1911-
Ramsdell, Viola Ann (i806), b.1839-
Ramsdell, Voranus W. (i256), b.1844-d.1867
Ramsdell, Waldo B. (i311), b.1875-d.1910
Ramsdell, Walter (i1461), b.1932-
Ramsdell, Walter Dyer (i239), b.1868-d.1951
Ramsdell, Walter L. (i296), b.1864-d.1949
Ramsdell, Warren Howard (i812), b.1866-
Ramsdell, William (i513), b.1839-
Ramsdell, William (i786), b.1791-
Ramsdell, William (i801), b.1827-
Ramsdell, William (i834), b.1836-
Ramsdell, William (i984), b.1820-d.1831
Ramsdell, William (i1001), b.1844-d.1848
Ramsdell, William (i1013), b.1840-
Ramsdell, William (i1192)
Ramsdell, William (i1194)
Ramsdell, William (i1195)
Ramsdell, William B. (i555), b.1825-d.1905
Ramsdell, William B. (i681), b.1872-d.1879
Ramsdell, William Bainbridge (i930), b.1820-d.1836
Ramsdell, William Barney (i1073), b.1877-
Ramsdell, William C. (i1366), b.1839-d.1916
Ramsdell, William D. (i991), b.1833-
Ramsdell, William Henry (i203), b.1817-d.1892
Ramsdell, William Henry (i277), b.1856-d.1903
Ramsdell, William W. (i352), b.1856-d.1935
Ramsdell, Wilson (i741), b.1854-
Ramsdell, Winifred (i1671), b.1897-d.1933
Ramsdell, Winslow J. (i334), b.1864-
Ramsdell, Zenneth (i1075), b.1902-d.1919
Ramsdell, Zoa (i186), b.1807-d.1812
Ramsdell, Zoa (i189), b.1814-d.1817
Ramsdell, Zophar Deane (i794), b.1816-d.1886


Ramsden, John (i6), b.1670-
Ramsden, Mary (i5), b.1662-


Randall, (marriage to Almire White Ramsdell) (i316)


Read, Amy Hamilton (i1248), b.1897-d.1938
Read, Edith May (i1249), b.1884-d.1898
Read, Gertie Angie (i1247), b.1886-d.1953
Read, Guy E. (i1250), b.1890-d.1890
Read, Justin Clark (marriage to Angie Marie Fitts) (i1246), b.1848-d.1934


Rebecca (marriage to William Curtis) (i1352)


Reed, Ella Pickett (marriage to Stephen Malloy Ramsdell) (i1066)
Reed, John Porter (marriage to Polly Ramsdell) (i1527)
Reed, Sarah (marriage to Stephen Malloy Ramsdell) (i1000), d.1871


Rice, Charles Wesley (marriage to Emily Sarah Fitts) (i1243), b.1839-d.1922
Rice, Lilla Betsey (i1245), b.1867-
Rice, Nellie Jennie (i1244), b.1865-


Rich, John P (marriage to Cora E. Fitts) (i1239)


Richmond, Robert (marriage to Hannah Ramsdell) (i1543)


Robinson, Alma Esther (i1222), b.1855-
Robinson, Hattie Mary (i1224), b.1859-
Robinson, Lena May (i1226), b.1863-
Robinson, Lizzie Ann (i1223), b.1857-
Robinson, Spencer (marriage to Mary Eliza Fitts) (i1221), b.1834-
Robinson, Wilson Spencer (i1225), b.1861-


Roesner, Katherine (marriage to George W. Ramsdell) (i631), d.1935


Rolf, Mary (marriage to George Ramsdell) (i1465)


Rose, Seth (marriage to Lucy Dwelley) (i377)


Ross, Sarah (marriage to Albert Ramsdell) (i1283)


Ruth (marriage to Bartlett Ramsdell) (i518), b.1821-


Sampson, Pelag Weston (marriage to Bathsheba Ramsdell) (i1507)


Sanderson, Abbie (marriage to James Albert Estes) (i1578), d.1884


Sarah (marriage to Farrington Ramsdell) (i1708)


Savory, Mary (marriage to Joseph Ramsdell) (i4), b.1630-


Schillinger, Roy (marriage to Lena May Ramsdell) (i1122)


Schnoebilen, Zonelda M. (marriage to Milton R. Turner) (i1039)


Shaw, Betsey (marriage to Isaac Cummings) (i1307)


Shummay, Alfred E. (i542), b.1875-
Shummay, George A. (marriage to Margaret B. Ramsdell) (i541), b.1842-


Shumway, Amos, Jr. (marriage to Miriam Hovey) (i1188)


Small, Lovisa (marriage to Holmes Wass Ramsdell) (i324), b.1828-d.1892


Smith, Andrew David (i911), b.1970-
Smith, David Taggart (i908), b.1940-
Smith, Hilary Jane (i912), b.1972-
Smith, Levi Edward (marriage to Harriet Ward Ramsdell) (i905)
Smith, Livy (i913), b.1973-
Smith, Mercedes Pierce (i910), b.1968-
Smith, Rebecca Rider (marriage to Philemon W. Ramsdell) (i935)
Smith, Roger Ramsdell (i906), b.1902-d.1992


Snyder, Mignon Ellis (marriage to Philip Conger Ramsdell) (i1097)


Soper, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Ramsdell) (i767), d.1830


Starboard, Jessie (marriage to Harry D. Ramsdell) (i942)


Steingordt, Daniel (marriage to Elva Lauretta Estes) (i1596)
Steingordt, Jennie Parker (i1597), b.1871-


Stetson, Benjamin (marriage to Betsey Estes) (i479)
Stetson, Emeline (marriage to William Estes) (i1590), b.1812-d.1849
Stetson, Ephraim (marriage to Olive Ramsdell) (i97), b.1754-
Stetson, Joshua (marriage to Priscilla Dwelley) (i378)
Stetson, Peleg (marriage to Mercy Ramsdell) (i81), b.1717-


Stockbridge, Betsey (marriage to Homer Ramsdell) (i553), b.1791-d.1876
Stockbridge, Hosea J. (i405)
Stockbridge, Joseph C. (marriage to Deborah Dwelley) (i403)
Stockbridge, Ruth (marriage to Joseph Ramsdell) (i531), b.1777-
Stockbridge, Sally (marriage to Joseph Dwelley) (i423), d.1879


Strout, Cyrena H. (marriage to Abraham Lincoln Ramsdell) (i289), b.1864-d.1912
Strout, Elizabeth Cates (marriage to Nathaniel Ramsdell) (i292), b.1829-d.1916
Strout, Fred H. (marriage to Faustina M. Ramsdell) (i343)


Sturtevant, Mary (marriage to Nathaniel Ramsdell) (i1497)


Styles, Julia J. (marriage to Philemon W. Ramsdell) (i936)


Swan, Sally (marriage to Solomon Bryant) (i1339)
Swan, Susanna (marriage to Christopher Bryant) (i1337)


Sylvester, Roland (marriage to Ruth Estes) (i482)
Sylvester, Sally (marriage to Joseph Dawes Ramsdell) (i99), b.1764-


Taggart, Mary A. (marriage to Ledoit Baxter Ramsdell) (i695), b.1850-


Tefft, (marriage to Ola Ramsdell) (i1059)


Tetlow, Earnest D. (marriage to Georgie (Tessie) Ramsdell) (i951)


Thompson, John (marriage to Mary Ramsdell) (i827)
Thompson, Rebecca (marriage to Joshua Ramsdell) (i798), b.1799-
Thompson, Rebecca (marriage to Samuel Ramsdell Jr.) (i773), b.1782-


Tirrell, Betty (marriage to Charles Ramsdell) (i1548)


Torrey, Rachel (marriage to Lot Ramsdell) (i96), b.1750-


Townsend, Julia (marriage to Daniel Ramsdell Jr.) (i1717)


Truesdell, John (marriage to Mehitable Ramsdell) (i689)


Truis, Bess (marriage to Charles William Goodlander) (i1424)


Tulson, Nellie (marriage to William D. Ramsdell) (i992)


Turner, Dell E. (marriage to Minnie Ramsdell) (i1031), b.1861-
Turner, Gllen L. (i1032), b.1883-
Turner, Harlow D. (i1035), b.1889-
Turner, Helen (i1042), b.1905-
Turner, J. Wendell (i1036), b.1891-
Turner, Janet (i1046), b.1949-
Turner, Lois M. (i1048), b.1929-
Turner, Louise (i1040), b.1903-
Turner, Lucia (marriage to Lemuel Dwelley) (i380), d.1874
Turner, Lura Allen (i1033), b.1885-
Turner, Lyle S. (i1034), b.1887-
Turner, Milton R. (i1038), b.1901-
Turner, Robert (i1047), b.1951-
Turner, Robert R. (i1044), b.1928-
Turner, Zelda (i1043), b.1907-d.1950


Underwood, Angelina (marriage to Stephen Ramsdell) (i1019)
Underwood, Sarah (marriage to Gideon Ramsdell) (i603)


Unknown (marriage to Bartlett Ramsdell) (i508)


Unknown, (marriage to Albert Buonaparte Fitts) (i1212)

Van Deusen

Van Deusen, Martha (marriage to Thomas P. Ramsdell) (i964)

Van Kirk

Van Kirk, Bonnie May (marriage to Michael William Ramsdell) (i1291)

Van Ness

Van Ness, Mary (marriage to Lavalette Lapham) (i971)


Varney, Georgianna (marriage to David S. Ramsdell) (i938), d.1936


Vaughan, George (marriage to Mercy Estes) (i483)
Vaughan, Ruth Elizabeth (marriage to George Melford Ramsdell) (i1288)


Vooheis, Phebe (marriage to Dwight Ramsdell Rev.) (i1128)


Wadlia, Mary Johnson (marriage to Charles Barber Ramsdell) (i722)


Wagner, (marriage to Abbie Ramsdell) (i1055)


Wakefield, Alden (marriage to Harriet Ramsdell) (i707)


Walker, Bethiah (marriage to David Ramsdell) (i929), d.1849


Wallace, Gertrude B. (marriage to Edgar P. Ramsdell) (i756)


Walter, Adolph S. (marriage to Mildred Maxwell) (i1168)
Walter, Carolyn (i1555), b.1928-
Walter, Phyllis (i1554)
Walter, Robert (i1169)


Ward, Eliza (marriage to Amasa Fitts) (i1197), b.1802-d.1875
Ward, Joseph A. (marriage to Cyrene M. Ramsdell) (i243), b.1836-d.1916
Ward, Maria (marriage to Amasa Fitts) (i1198), b.1811-d.1883
Ward, Obediah Curtis (marriage to Melona Ramsdell) (i314), b.1844-d.1914


Washington, Mary (marriage to Robert Ramsdell) (i574)


Wass, Betsey (i863), b.1866-
Wass, Charles S. (marriage to Louisa A. Ramsdell) (i242), b.1833-
Wass, Gilbert Holmes (i864), b.1868-
Wass, Holmes S. (i861), b.1856-d.1870
Wass, John Plummer (i862), b.1862-d.1939
Wass, Wealthea (marriage to William Henry Ramsdell) (i268), b.1821-d.1878


Wellcome, Timothy (marriage to Mary W. Cummings) (i1315)


Wesselman, Anna C. (marriage to Frank E. Goodlander) (i1427), b.1899-


Westover, Elizabeth (marriage to Jonathan John Ramsdell) (i995)
Westover, Emma (marriage to Frank Ramsdell) (i1127)


Whitacker, Clara A. (i1442), b.1961-
Whitacker, James A. (i1440), b.1947-
Whitacker, Joseph A. (marriage to Mary Louise Goodlander) (i1439), b.1925-
Whitacker, Richard S. (i1441), b.1949-


Whitcomb, Samuel (marriage to Lydia Ramsdell) (i63), b.1759-


White, Abigail (marriage to Job Ramsdell) (i594)
White, Annie L. (i879), b.1861-d.1865
White, Daniel R. (i876), b.1852-d.1931
White, Deborah C. (marriage to Daniel Look Ramsdell) (i355), b.1840-
White, Elizabeth Bumford (marriage to Hillman T. Ramsdell) (i234), b.1828-d.1912
White, Elvina C. (marriage to John Sullivan Ramsdell) (i351), b.1832-d.1908
White, Eugina (i881), b.1872-d.1961
White, Gilbert H. (i875), b.1851-d.1851
White, Hosea Bates (marriage to Sylvania W. Ramsdell) (i240), b.1823-d.1870
White, James Nash (marriage to Nancy Jane Ramsdell) (i241), b.1831-d.1914
White, Lillie Lenora (marriage to Walter Dyer Ramsdell) (i323), b.1874-d.1952
White, Nora Eldridge (i882), b.1875-d.1957
White, Rosa Bella (i878), b.1859-d.1946
White, Sylvia Louise (i877), b.1856-d.1934
White, Warren M. (i880), b.1864-d.1931


Whitelock, Greg (i1433), b.1960-
Whitelock, Ray A. (marriage to Patricia Lochbronner) (i1432), b.1939-


Whiting, Asa (marriage to Deborah Dwelley) (i376)
Whiting, Chloe (marriage to Almorin Josselyn) (i465), d.1857
Whiting, William (marriage to Mary Ramsdell) (i64), b.1730-


Whitmarsh, Mehitable (marriage to Noah Ramsdell) (i1515)


Whitney, John (marriage to Sarah C. Wilson) (i1272), b.1806-d.1844


Wiede, Don (i1455), b.1930-
Wiede, Robert (i1454), b.1926-
Wiede, Robert C. (marriage to Ruth A. Ramsdell) (i1453)


Wilder, Isaiah, Jr. (marriage to Salome Ramsdell) (i1553)


Willey, Joshua M. (marriage to Cordelia L. Ramsdell) (i279), b.1841-d.1905


Wilson, Abigail (i1266), b.1804-
Wilson, Elihu Maurice (i1276), b.1823-d.1903
Wilson, George F. (i1275), b.1818-d.1842
Wilson, Gideon Hovey (i1262), b.1802-d.1885
Wilson, Joseph (marriage to Abigail Cudworth) (i1259), b.1777-d.1864
Wilson, Sarah C. (i1271), b.1811-d.1880
Wilson, Shepard S. (i1267), b.1809-d.1894


Wing, Lucretia (marriage to William Estes) (i1593)


Winship, Thomas (marriage to Martha Bryant) (i1350)


Wolcott, Mary Helena (marriage to Eugene Byron Ramsdell) (i1004)


Wood, R.E. (marriage to Melvina Jane Ramsdell) (i825)
Wood, Susie G. (marriage to Benjamin Roswell Ramsdell) (i823)


Woodworth, John (marriage to Lois Josselyn) (i449)


Wright, Wanda May (marriage to Robert E. Ramsdell) (i1408), b.1937-


Young, Louis N. (marriage to Eva Merle Ramsdell) (i1125)

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