The Descendants of John Ramsdell

of Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts

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This old New England family has been most thoroughly researched in Essex County, Mass. and in Washington County, Maine. No other regions have such a concentration of the Ramsdell name in the United States. This online history focuses on these two counties, as well as lines that take the family through Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and New York in the 1700's; and then to the midwest and northwest in the 1800's, with scatterings nationally in this century.

If you have a Ramsdell ancestor who does not appear in this report, please contact me anyways. I have thousands of Ramsdells in my database who are not yet connected to this line.

For a full listing of Ramsdell resources, go back to the Ramsdell Genealogical Archive via my main site.

Ultimate Family Tree, ver 2.0
LARGE Project Version 295
October 28, 1997

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Table of Contents

Major Surnames

Adams, Ames, Anderson, Andrews, Angel, Appelgren, Armstrong, Atwell, Avery, Bantolino, Barteaux, Bartlett, Basley, Bates, Battey, Bays, Beal, Becker, Beng, Bennett, Bensen, Benson, Blackwood, Blanchard, Boone, Bradbury, Briggs, Brown, Bunker, Burlingame, Burnard, Burwell, Camick, Cannon, Case, Cennon, Chaffey, Chaloner, Christensen, Christianson, Clark, Cleary, Clement, Comeau, Conner, Cooley, Cooper, Cosman, Curtis, Denbow, Dinsmore, Dodge, Drollinger, Dunnell, Eaton, Elfstrom, Ellison, Engstrom, Epton, Everett, Fadden, Fickett, Field, Fish, Fletcher, Flynn, Fortado, Fowler, Frail, Frostad, Funk, Furman, Gardner, Gaudet, Getz, Goodwin, Griffin, Guftafson, Gunderson, Hadley, Haines, Hansen, Harding, Harper, Helfrick, Hilsen, Holmes, Hooper, Howell, Howland, Huckins, Hudson, Huntley, Hutchinson, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Joy, Jurke, Kelley, Kenney, Killum, Kralich, Krejci, Larochelle, Landers, Landsiedel, Langenham, Levalley, Leavitt, Leggett, Leighton, Libby, Lindsey, Liou, Litostansky, Lizenby, Lyon, Mahlman, Mallet, Mansfield, Markinson, Marshall, Mason, Mathewson, Mattern, Matteson, Matthew, Matthews, Mattson, Mccarthy, Mccurdy, Mcfadden, Mckinley, Mcleod, Mclellan, Merriam, Meyers, Miars, Moore, Morse, Murphy, Naylor, Nelson, Neuman, Nickols, Olsen, Olson, Otten, Patterson, Payne, Peare, Peterson, Pettegrow, Pichitt, Pike, Plushow, Pressley, Prince, Purcell, Putz, Quitt, Ramsdale, Ramsdell, Rauehurst, Raye, Reed, Requa, Rhodes, Richardson, Robinson, Rogers, Routley, Safford, Sanborn, Santmyers, Scholtman, Schrock, Schultz, Shaw, Sheir, Sheldon, Sherreitt, Simmons, Skarloken, Sleight, Small, Smeeton, Smith, Soiseth, Spenke, Sprague, Stephenson, Stoddard, Taylor, Terry, Thompson, Thornton, Turner, Van_dyke, Waddell, Wallace, Walsh, Warner, Warren, West, Whitaker, Whitcomb, Wilbur, Wilder, Wills, Winchester, Wittum, Wormell, York, Youngman, Zettel

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